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Welcome Kelsi

Kelsi Parker

Kelsi Parker


We are super stoked to welcome Kelsi Parker to our Team. Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor.

Kelsi Parker only started rowing in 2013. A friend at Otago University convinced her to give it a go out of desperation – they needed one more girl to make a novice 8!. Kelsi agreed to give it a nudge and they began walking to rowing together at 5am each morning. “I wont lie.. it was dark and cold and probably the worst time of my life”!

Two weeks later the crew did their first 2km Erg test. Kelsi did a 7.15. What! How on earth does someone achieve that after rowing for 2 weeks?

As a child Kelsi suffered from bad Asthma and found swimming helped. She did competitive swimming at primary and early high school. Then gave Netball a go and had a couple of years at rep level. Then she ditched netball and began riding horses.

With active parents, she joined her parents friends running and did her first half marathon at 17. Running then led to adventure racing which led to triathlon.

5 Years after giving rowing that nudge, she is now a qualified Physiotherapist, Pilates instructor and has been selected in the Rowing New Zealand Womans 8+.

The Body Performance Team are extremely proud of Kelsi and we wish her and all her team mates all the very best as they compete on the world stage.  When Kelsi is not rowing, will see her at the clinic helping out on reception in the evenings.