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Physio Led Pilates Class Camrbidge NZ

A low-impact blend of conditioning training that improves strength, flexibility, postural awareness and breathing control. The focus is on quality of movement rather than quantity.

Exercises can be performed on a mat or with specialized equipment such as stability balls, resistance bands etc.

Led by Physiotherapists who have an expert knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and rehabilitation through exercise. Hence classes are safe pre and post-surgery, as part of rehabilitation for injury, and in conjunction with your sport.


Physio Led Pilates Cambridge NZ

The focus of this mat class is to introduce participants to the terminology and
movements of Pilates. A great place to start for any person who has never tried Pilates
or for those who have tried some Pilates but need a refresher.


Physio-Led Pilates is a great way to:
• Improve strength, flexibility and balance
• Increase lung capacity
• Enhance mobility, agility and stamina
• Make the body less prone to injury 
• Reduce stress, relieve tension, boost energy
• Restore postural alignment
• Promote recovery from strain or injury
• Effectively rescues back, neck. hip. joint, and muscular pain (caused by overuse, arthritis, fibromyalgia, scoliosis and more)
• Enhances athletic performance and coordination
• Increase joint range of motion
• Improve circulation
• Offers relief from back pain and joint stress
Physiotherapists have an expert knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and rehabilitation through exercise, ensuring you are in great hands.

Due to the intimate space of our studio, bookings are essential.  To book your matt call us now 07 823 1263 or leave us a message on our Contact Page and we will get in touch.